We specialize in advisory on real estate sales and acquisitions, including due diligence, preparation, review and negotiation of contracts.

We provide comprehensive legal services in connection with preparation and development of residential and commercial projects.

We advise and represent you when dealing with building and other authorities and in all official proceedings conducted by the authorities.

We have the knowledge of relations in associations of owners of units.

We provide legal advice on real estate management and lease.


We have been dealing with drafting, revising and negotiating contracts in the area of contractual rights as well as rights in rem.

We are able to correctly understand the client’s business goal and incorporate it to an appropriate contractual solution. We put emphasis on that parties carry out their commercial transactions to the maximum extent under the limits set by the regulatory framework.

We advise our clients when negotiating standard types of contracts (purchase contract, lease contract, contract for work and the like); however, we are also glad to assist with structuring and drafting a contract tailored to the client’s requirements.

We also provide legal advice on termination and settlement of existing contractual relationships.


We have extensive experience in representing clients in judicial proceedings and arbitration in all stages of proceedings, and thus not only in business disputes.

We provide legal services upon enforcement of judicial decisions and arbitration awards.

We are glad to assist our clients with out-of-court dispute resolution, including negotiation and preparation of settlement agreements and court settlements.


We provide legal advice on company law. We assist with formation and incorporation of new companies, including obtaining necessary trade licences. We propose an appropriate corporate and group structure and relations among individual members or shareholders.

We also provide legal advice on and assistance with general meetings and other corporate meetings. We further advise on planning and implementing of increases and reductions of registered capital of business companies and other alterations.

We ensure a company’s audit (due diligence), and thus not only legal due diligence but also tax, financial and technical due diligence, if needed.

We advise in connection with the company management’s duty to act with due managerial care and in connection with conflict of interests.


We provide legal services in preparation and organization of tender procedures, including recommendation of an appropriate strategy of tender procedures or other types of selection procedures. So do we advise on preparation of bids of applicants, including coordination of multiple entities filing a joint bid.

We represent our clients in preparation and filing of objections to a decision of a contracting authority, preparation and filing of proposals with the Office for the Protection of Competition and in subsequent judicial review of its decision.


We provide our clients with legal advice and legal representation in insolvency proceedings in all instances, for both creditors and debtors, including asserting claims in insolvency proceedings and representation in creditor bodies. We advise on management, restructuring and realization of insolvency estate and prepare necessary contractual documents.

We also represent our clients in related incidental proceedings and in defending against vexatious insolvency petitions.


We advise on competition law, and thus in the area of assessing competition aspects of contractual and other business relations among business entities with respect to preparation of compliance programmes and prevention of breach of competition rules.

We represent our clients in proceedings before competition authorities and in related judicial disputes.

We also advise on the matters of state aid and grant programmes.


Despite being a Czech law firm oriented to domestic clients, we have necessary professional know-how and language skills to provide legal advice on matters with an international element.

We provide legal services to foreign entities when doing business and dealing with various matters in the Czech Republic.

In the event of legal matters involving foreign jurisdictions, we ensure qualified legal representation by a local law firm.


We have extensive experience in advising on personal data protection, including GDPR compliance.

We provide legal assistance in compliance with all statutory requirements in this area, from setting up of internal corporate processes to processing of personal data of third parties.

We represent our clients when exercising their rights to erasure and other rights awarded by GDPR against all types of personal data controllers, including operators of search engines and

We represent our clients in proceedings conducted by the Office for Personal Data Protection and in subsequent proceedings before administrative courts.